The Financial Pivot: How to bounce back from financial adversity and thrive after setback

failure grows plant The Financial Pivot: How to bounce back from financial adversity and thrive after setback

You only fail in life when you say these three words: I GIVE UP!  Go ahead and tell yourself I’m wrong because you won’t convince me!  Not only do I know better, but after close examination, there are many reasons I have previously failed at something going all the way back to grade school.

Guess what was always there lurking as one of the main culprits of those past failures; GIVING UP!  That’s right; if you want to absolutely guarantee failure, go ahead and quit!  Guess what else that means?  You’re actually in control!

Are You a Rebounder?

In the book Rebounders: How Winners Pivot From Setback to Success, Author Rick Newman writes that resilience is the core strength of a rebounder and NO, he’s not talking about basketball icon smile The Financial Pivot: How to bounce back from financial adversity and thrive after setback

Newman defines a rebounder as “A person with the enviable ability to bounce back from adversity and thrive after setbacks.”  So if you quit when faced with adversity, you will never be a “rebounder”!

Failure is a Pillar to Success

I’m going to spare you all the motivational quotes like “Failure is a stepping stone to success” (which it is by the way :)) and just point out some of the key attributes Newman found embodies a “rebounder”.

I’ll also point out how those attributes applied to me without even knowing it.  If I recovered from financial adversity and made the financial pivot back to generating income, so can you!

An ability to accept failure:  In fact, this was the epiphany I arrived at and the subject of my very first post here at the Amateur Consumer Blog titled “It is What it is But it Will Become What You Make it”.

A desire to take action:  I was consumed with the desire to want to change my circumstances!  This blog became part of that process and allowed me to connect the dots to where I have arrived at a whole new consciousness about money, myself, and my family’s future!

An open mind for new ideas:  I was looking for solutions and to that end, my mind was like an antennae set to “receive mode only”.  The more information I consumed, the more knowledge I gained about the psychology of consumerism, the clearer it became how I came to fail financially and what I could do to change my personal circumstances.

Heroes:  I can’t say I had a lot of hero’s, rather silent mentors like Brendon Burchard who’s book “The Millionaire Messenger” inspired me to create this blog, setting me on a course that would be life-changing!

An ability to be comfortable with discomfort: Are you kidding me?  I was forced into frugality but it taught me about sacrifice and helped me determine what was truly important to me.  My ‘discomfort’ pushed me into examining myself and owning who I was and the direction I wanted my life to go towards.  I talk about this in great detail in my free Financial Liberation Video Series.

I’m not a Hollywood producer but if you want to see the evolution of someone who traveled through credit and financial hell to end up as a liberated consumer, you need to watch this series!

A motivating passion: What more motivating passion can you have than a family depending on you?  Enough said!

At the end of the day, you come to find out that success and failure are two facets of the same coin.  If you are conscious and your mindset is right, you’ll come to realize, as I did, that you can learn more about life through failure than you can through success!

It’s sound contrary to think like this but I can tell you from experience that it’s true!

The Road Less Traveled

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before finally succeeding in inventing the incandescent light bulb.  I would argue that those failures taught him perseverance and honed his drive and tenacity to succeed!

The average person would not have made it through 10 failures, let alone 10,000 and that’s the whole point; being average is easy and taking the road of least resistance is the road more traveled than not.

I have never settled for average and I refuse to start now!  I’m not anywhere near a complete comeback, but I have come through the storm!  I have accepted the fact that I am traveling the road less traveled and as Robert Frost said – it has made all the difference!

Are you a “rebounder”?  What does failure mean to you and if you have ever failed at something before, how did you overcome?  Please join in the conversation and if you liked this post, share it with your friends icon smile The Financial Pivot: How to bounce back from financial adversity and thrive after setback


  1. Nancy says:

    It’s all about attitude for sure Lou. I like the info about “rebounders” and it’s so true. Edison looked at his 10,000 tries as “steps to the answer” and didn’t reflect on himself as a failure during his long path to success.
    If only we could all be so kind to ourselves and have a more scientific reflection on learning life’s lessons!!

    • Absolutely Nancy. If your mind is right, when things don’t work out as planned, it can become a powerful catalyst for your life moving forward. As I did, we need to embrace these experiences with the attitude that they are opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

      Forgive yourself and use failures as a doorway to an improved and better life than you ever thought possible! Thanks for the comment :)

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