Never Again! Manifesto

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. Take back your power and reclaim your financial freedom today!

Lou Manifesto 4 14 Never Again! Manifesto

The system is failing you!  Status quo and bureaucratic inertia have conspired to keep you an amateur consumer.  It’s not your fault, and yet…it is your fault.  It’s not your fault that your parents set a bad example for you or didn’t teach you the financial life building skills needed in order to live an enjoyable and sustainable life!

It’s not your fault that your schools, if at all, wanted to teach you financial functionality in place of comprehensive financial literacy because that’s what the system dictates you should be taught.  But it is your fault if you “crash and burn” like I did and do not learn how to free yourself from the mindset that helped take you down that path in the first place!

If knowledge is power and information liberating, then education should be the first step towards becoming a liberated consumer.  But knowledge is only POTENTIAL power. It only becomes real power when you make the choice to actually apply what you learn. Therefore, Applied Knowledge is the real POWER!

Reduce the complexity of life by eliminating the needless wants of life, and the labors of life reduce themselves. But this cannot be accomplished as an amateur consumer!  As an amateur consumer you don’t know how to protect yourself against the system because you were never taught the 3 pillars of financial life building skills mastered by a truly liberated consumer:

  • The  Psychology of Consumerism
  • Critical Decision Making Skills
  • The Art of Frugality

Through my very own crash and burn, I have come to the definitive conclusion that without these 3 pillars being taught alongside traditional financial literacy, the system has you exactly where they want you; set up for failure!

By mastering the 3 pillars of financial life building skills, you will stop being a slave to emotional stimulation and compulsive behavior!  You become empowered, as we define it – not the system, and then finish the journey liberated and free from consumerism, bad decision making and its consequences, and living an advanced and sustainable life!

This manifesto is a rejection of only teaching what the system wants you to learn in favor of comprehensive financial life building skills.  The Amateur Consumer Blog, the liberation video series, and all content created moving forward, will empower you and leave you liberated to become the person you were meant to be; free from the chains of debt, self-manufactured crisis, and living to work, instead of working to live – regardless of your profession, income level, or race!

Join me in this movement to build an army of liberated consumers and serve notice to the system by repeating our mantra of freedom, our shout of defiance, and our chant of liberation; NEVER AGAIN!

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