Financial Liberation Video Series #1

Welcome.  Jump right in and start the process of liberating yourself from financial slavery. Start with Video #1 and work through each video in turn.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment box below the video.  At the end of each one; talk to me.  Let me know your opinion and what you are thinking.

One thing I have learned through blogging; any process must be conversational if you are to get the most out of change and connect the dots.  So let’s connect the dots together by leaving a comment below!


  1. Jill says:

    Interesting so far, and as a CPA I feel like I am financially savvy; so I am very curious as to what happened.

    • So did I with over 20 plus years of experience with credit, lending, and financial services and that’s the whole point of this video series. What we have learned and I’m sure what you have learned as a CPA is financial functionality or the mechanics of how the system works. There’s a reason why so many financially savvy people crash and burn every year and you’ll find out why as you go along. I’m curious to see how you connect the dots as well :)

  2. daisy Proffitt says:

    OK-Im excited! Finally some real advice

    • My promise to you and anyone else who views the complete video series is that you will have a different mindset than before you started watching. What you do with that knowledge is up to you! Wishing you the best :)

  3. Ray says:

    You’ve captured my curiosity so I’m following. I’ve been a mortgage originator for 12 years now so I understand exactly where you’re coming from.

    • Thank you for checking out the video series Ray and I hope you watch all 3 videos in there entirety. I believe the videos can have a profound affect on anyone, regardless of their current economic situation. Please leave me comments along the way. Thanks

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