Don’t Call it Gun Control: Just Control The Damn Guns!

Sandy Nook Elementary Don’t Call it Gun Control: Just Control The Damn Guns!

(Picture taken by Julio Cortez / AP)

As you can tell, this post has nothing to do with credit and debt, consumerism, or recovering from financial hell and everything to do with how angry I am at the continued stupidity of our politicians and so-called leaders regarding gun control.

Today, as a nation, we mourn the innocent deaths and killing of 20 small children and six adults in the nation’s second-worst school shooting ever at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.  Today as Americans, we must all ponder how will those parents ever recover from the senseless murders of their and our nation’s greatest treasure, children? How do they move forward during the holidays when every parent’s heart should be filled with warmth at the look of happiness on their children’s faces as they open their presents?

Our Country’s True Epidemic:  A Lack of Leadership

As I watch the news, I just heard the Presidents White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney say, “Today is not the day to discuss gun laws”.  Really; after 20 little bright lights full of spirit have been snuffed out forever?   If not today, then when the hell will it be the day?  What we have here is a true nationwide epidemic; a lack of leadership!

Mayor Bloomberg, the Republican Mayor of New York City and Co-Chair of Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns just put out a response that I believe shows both leadership and the political will needed to address the issue of gun control;

“With all the carnage from gun violence in our country, it’s still almost impossible to believe that a mass shooting in a kindergarten class could happen.  It has come to that. Not even kindergarteners learning their ABCs are safe.  We heard after Columbine that it was too soon to talk about gun laws. We heard it after Virginia Tech – After Tucson and Aurora and Oak Creek.  And now we are hearing it again. For every day we wait, 34 more people are murdered with guns. Today, many of them were five-year olds.”

Dead Not the Only Victims

So what does anyone tell those children who survived, who just had their lives fast forwarded 20 years, what just happened, because they will most certainly ask!   I just saw a little boy on T.V. who described being told by whoever was herding his class out to shut their eyes as they ran down the hall.  How do you undo that memory?  How do you undo this episode to our nations psyche; to those parents, teachers, community members, law enforcement and first responders who just experienced this in person?  The answer is; you don’t!

What we have to do now is stand up to the ideologues and special interests who want everything to remain status quo.  Stand up against the NRA, against ALEC, against everyone suppressing common sense; against “sound and prudent” judgment!

Common Sense Isn’t So Common

Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts.”  The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as, “the basic level of practical knowledge and judgment that we all need to help us live in a reasonable and safe way”.  So I ask you to apply those definitions to these actions by our cowardice and spineless politicians across this country:

1. The Michigan Senate today rejected an attempt to eliminate a law requiring people who buy handguns from unlicensed sellers to first pass a background check, voting instead to preserve every essential element of a system mayors and police called a successful crime-fighting tool.

Doesn’t pass the “sound and prudent” test nor does their judgment help Michiganders live in a reasonable and safe way, does it?

2.  In order to begin driving, you need a learners permit.  When you become licensed, you can now drive a car.  But in Arizona, you don’t need either to purchase or own a gun

Arizona Gun Laws Don’t Call it Gun Control: Just Control The Damn Guns!

Doesn’t pass the “sound and prudent” test nor does their judgment help Arizonians live in a reasonable and safe way, does it?

3.  In January of 2011 Representative Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., was severely injured in a gun attack, yet in the same year, our greatest “do nothing” Congress in history found it necessary to pass a “pro-gun” bill that would let those with valid state permits to carry a concealed firearm in almost every other state in the country.  Hell yes; now that’s leadership!   That’s our government using “sound and prudent” judgement to help us live in a reasonable and safe way, right?

4.  While Governor Rick Snyder is busy shoving “union busting” reform no one asked for in Michigan (unless you count ALEC or the KOCH Brothers),  their state house passed a bill allowing concealed weapons in schools, day care centers, stadiums, and churches.

If you think this legislation is based on “sound and prudent” judgement that helps Michiganders live in a reasonable and safe way, please leave your comment below.  I want to hear you defend this! 

The Most Armed Country In the World

According to the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, The United States is far and away the most heavily armed country in the world.  The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens.  And according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies, U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world’s 875 million known firearms.

So how can it be that this country also has one of the highest rates of homicides by guns of any country in the world? In 2005, there were 10,100 gun-related homicides, 75% of which were committed with handguns, and since the murders in Tucson where Congresswoman Gifford was almost murdered, Bloomberg News reported that there was a run on Glocks in Arizona.  Yes, that Glock; the same weapon that killed six people including a Federal judge and a nine-year-old child – no permit or license needed!

Imagine That Was Your Child Shot and Killed Today

(Adrees Latif / Reuters)

Family at shooting 300x165 Don’t Call it Gun Control: Just Control The Damn Guns!


Imagine today, being at work, getting out of the gym, or being home and getting that phone call or that knock at the door with someone telling you there has been an incident and they regret to inform you – your child was killed today!  Imagine coming home and turning on the T.V. and seeing your child’s school being evacuated because there were mass murders?

No America; imagine no more because today every parent’s nightmare was realized and until we push our leaders and politicians to have the will and strength to use common sense when it comes to gun control, this scene will continue to play itself out across this great land of ours.  Instead of hoping and praying it doesn’t happen to you, do something about it!

Get off your apathetic asses, get involved in your child’s school, talk to administrators about safety, and know who can come and go.  Call your politicians and let them know your mad as hell and you’re not going to accept that guns should be an everyday part of your child’s life, the fabric of our country, and that a lot of this tragedy that happened today, can at least be minimized by using “sound and prudent” judgment that will truly help us all live in a reasonable and safe way!

Start the conversation amongst your friends and family by sharing this special commentary with them.  I believe it is an important conversation we all need to have as a country!


  1. Es says:

    Imagine this. You wake up in the middle of the night only to find a man standing in your living room. Your daughters just across the hall and he tells you to get on the floor because he’s taking her for a camping trip. What would you like to be armed with a gun or a phone. You see we can all be as shameless as you and make anything political. I didn’t see you quote how many crimes were averted due to fire arms. Where is those stats. You will never control crime by limiting guns. All of these shootings were done by disturbed people. Do you know in China today there was a person who killed 22 with a knife. Will we limit those too once the crazies start using those. Very weak

    • ES, the only thing shameless is your unregistered name and
      lack of picture hiding behind anonymity. That’s truly weak. I don’t have
      to imagine anything because if that situation happened in my home, that person wouldn’t find a phone; they would find me armed and ready to protect my family which is the whole point.

      No one is talking about controlling crime, we are
      talking about common sense legislation as to limit some of these things from happening and in the magnitude they do. Think
      background check, mental health records… What about banning assault rifles? Or do you need those for hunting varmint? LOL

      Read the article again and when you’re done, read it one
      more time. By then some of the words and context should adhere and you will see this was not a political post. Both parties have dropped the ball on this topic. Hey, you know what else? Last time I checked, every
      mass murder was done by a ‘disturbed’ person. So what’s your point?

      Here, I’ll give you the point Mr. Anonymous; using your logic,
      everyone should have to submit to a background check to include mental health records so disturbed people won’t kill again.
      I love having conversation that leads to solutions. Thanks for the comment ES :)

      • Koty says:

        Wow…this is easy….every year when I was in the service and 20+ years in law enforcement we have to requalify anually to carry our off duty weapons and our on duty weapons as well… there should be an annually requalifing laws/background checks to keep there guns… Things happens day to day that alter our behavior/lives, and what made you sane yesterday , can make you insane tommorow…we need heavy gun control… So let pal know his ole shotgun maybe going bye bye

        • Great comment Koty. As former military personnel myself (USAR 83-89) I remember having to qualify for whatever weapons I used every year. I was 64 Charlie (Motor Transport) so I also had to qualify to drive all vehicles as well!

          Like I said; common sense isn’t so common! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I believe there a lot of reasons this tragedy happened and to point the finger at gun control laws or mental health reform is just that, point the finger. I think those are easy band aid fixes for symptoms of a much larger problem.

    I see a breakdown in the family unit and parenting. I see children raising children. And these children don’t know how to embrace their personal parental authority so the little children have all the power. That is a problem.

    I see a breakdown in the classrooms where all authority has been taken away from teachers. Children aren’t taught to respect authority figures. You can question your teacher and still have respect for that teacher’s authority as your teacher and as an adult. This is a problem.

    I see a breakdown in our society in general regarding granting adult-like status to children. When children spout off that they have constitutional rights and adults back down, that is a problem. They are children until 18 and they only have the right/priviledges that we, the adults, grant them.

    I see a breakdown in the role of men in our society. Men do need to be the heads of their families. They do need to be providing for their families. And they need to know they are needed to fill these roles. When a young man can only talk about the latest video games he’s cheated to win, that is a problem.

    I know this tragedy is one in too long of a list of similar tragedies, but this one has touched me in a way that none has before. I don’t know why, and I am sorry to all the families of the victims of the earlier ones that I didn’t start my change then. I am sorry.

    We all have the power and responsibility to change to make sure no more babies are killed. Every human being is someone’s baby and is cherished. Let’s stop glorifying these tragedies. Let’s send letters to the news agencies and let them know we won’t buy their stories and pictures of these tragedies. Let the networks that we won’t watch the horrific movies about how a mom killed her babies because of her depression. Stop these criminals from making money off their crimes. It is only when we, the consumers, the buyers, stop consuming and buying their junk that we will see change.

    Is this the world you want to live in? Is this the world you want your children to live in? Is this really the best we can do? Change starts with you. What are you going to do about it?

  3. Kenn Leach says:

    We always hear about personal freedoms, but what about the personal accountability that comes with that freedom. I think if you want a gun that is fine. Even if it is one that is “cosmetically” similar to the military weapons that are sold. Unfortunately many reporters imply that these are the same (another place where accountability needs to be examined! What happened to being accurate with the fact?). Back to the original comment. Correct me if I’m wrong but in a lot of these mass murder cases the gunmen seemed to have easy access to the weapons. How about before pushing hard for gun control and banning we start with gun safety and security. Things like

    : guns must be kept in a secure safe.( a wooden cabinet does not qualify as safe)

    : training course required for EVERY type of weapon you wish to purchase.

    : compulsory annual re-qualification on EVERY type of weapon you own

    : full background check on every applicant.

    As I stated if you wish to have the personal freedom to own a firearm then you need to accept the personal accountability for both yourself your family and all other people that can be potentially affected by that ownership.

    • Personal Accountability absolutely plays an important role in gun ownership and I agree with everything you laid out about gun safety. I think one thing we have to be careful with is the term “gun control” because, in my mind, gun safety is part of controlling guns which is why I titled the post the way I did.

      I really don’t like the term “gun control” and think that most people are not looking to actually control them. They just want to eradicate, as much as humanly possible, the violence that comes from their misuse.

      To this extent, we do need to look at what type of weapons and firearms civilians can have access to. However anyone characterizes the weapon Adam Lanza used at Shady Hook Elementary, I believe civilians should not have access to that type of assault rifle nor a clip that can hold upwards of 30 or more rounds.

      When write any post, I have one simple goal; to start a conversation. Yours was an excellent comment Ken and I appreciate you taking the time to write it and participate in the conversation! Please stop by often to share your thoughts and comments :)

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