A Liberated Consumer’s 3 Commandments for Never Going Broke Again!

3 Commandments A Liberated Consumer’s 3 Commandments for Never Going Broke Again!

Every financial Guru on the planet and in the blogosphere has methods for securing your financial future.  It usually starts with putting a $1000 dollars away for an emergency fund and then moves on to paying down debt.

After that, most tell you to move on to investing and well, you get the picture.  The one thing they never focus on is making money!  That’s right, before you can take any of their advice; you must be generating income so here are 3 laws from a liberated consumer for never going broke – and I did it twice:

1.  Thou Shall Make Generating Income Priority Number One:   All the advice in the world from the likes of Dave Ramsay, Suze Orman, or whomever the media is propping up this week means nothing if you aren’t generating income!

If it takes you going through 20 jobs or trying to build multiple income generating streams before you find something that could be long-term, then do it!  No one is going to bail you out so the sooner you come to this realization, pull yourself up by the boot-straps, and go out there and create your own luck, the quicker this process takes hold.

2.  Thou Shall Stop Being an Amateur Consumer:  Don’t know what an Amateur Consumer is?  Then take my Free 4 part video series that covers the topic in depth, explains why you are one and what you can do about it, while showing you how to become a Liberated Consumer!

Otherwise, making money is not enough and you can still go broke! And I’m talking from experience!

3.  Thou Shall Make Debt Enemy Number One:  If you have debt, stop the bleeding NOW by creating a budget and yes; I know you don’t have one so get it done now!  This will make the picture of how you’re financially sabotaging yourself – crystal clear!  Now cut the fat out!  Whatever is leftover, start attacking your debt without adding any new.

Commit to 12 months of no spending, other than on needs, housing and transportation, and make generating income priority number one!

Concentrate on your health and family.  Workout, eat at home by having home-cooked family dinners, play games, and I promise you; if you get your mind right and learn how to become a liberated consumer by watching my Free 4 part Financial Liberation Video Series, not only will your economic future be brighter, but your family, your health, and your mental well-being will be better than ever!

This is the path I’m on right now and I’ll report back in periodically to let you know how I’m coming along.  I’d love to read your thoughts about these 3 commandments as well as read about any successes you have experienced turning your economic life around by leaving me a comment below!


  1. Ogechi says:

    Debt should be #1. It was 65% of the reason I didn’t go to Law School and that has been one of the best financial decisions I’ve made. Somehow, I couldn’t imagine paying $100,000 for an education. After working in a bank for years, I’ve seen what debt does to people. I opted to get a Masters of Science in Accounting (solid field) and guess what? My job pays a portion and I sleep real easy :)

    • Really, they aren’t in any particular order as long as all three are being adhered to. But, if you’re not generating income, nothing else matters because debt won’t be repaid nor will you be consuming.

      I’m glad your career decision paid off and I know first-hand that having no debt allows you to sleep really well at night! Thank you for the comment Ogechi :)

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