A Nation of Amateur Consumers

Am·a·teur; noun 1. One lacking in experience and competence.  Con·sum·er; noun 1. One that utilizes economic goods.  Cred·it; noun 1. The provision of money, goods, or services with the expectation of future payment.

Nation of Amateur Consumer A Nation of Amateur Consumers

Those 3 words are a toxic combination because we all utilize goods and services and most of us (yes, you too) usually obtain these goods and services via credit!  What makes this combination toxic is the fact that most of us (yes, you too) lack experience and competence, or as I like to refer to it, a “money consciousness” when it comes to what we need and want, in order to live a better and sustainable life! [Read more...]

Who Can You Trust When Taking Credit and Financial Advice?

Which Road To Take1 Who Can You Trust When Taking Credit and Financial Advice?Let me start this blog post by saying that it’s not a post about exactly whom you should trust and believe when it comes to taking credit and personal financial advice.  Rather, it’s a post about the process you should go through every time when reviewing any credit and personal financial advice, regardless of where and whom it came from.

If you were to Google the term ‘credit repair’ it would return 65,300,000 results.  Obviously you’re not going to visit every site but nonetheless, the point is there’s a lot of information out there if you’re proactively attempting to understand credit, credit reports, and how to accelerate the process of credit recovery.  Google ‘personal financial advice’ and it returns another 21 million plus results. [Read more...]

It Is What It Is…But It Will Become What You Make it

It is what it is2 It Is What It Is…But It Will Become What You Make itSo you were forced into bankruptcy for one of the many reasons people go into Bankruptcy.  Had to short-sale your home or had property foreclosed on.  Lost your job, experienced a drastic reduction in income or lost your business.  Maybe one of these, or as in my case, all three happened to you. And so to you I say; it is what it is!

Yes, I know it sounds simplistic and yes, believe me when I say I know firsthand that there are a whole range of emotions and scenarios that you will go through before you get to that place. [Read more...]